SmCo Magnets

  • High Performance Customized Samarium Cobalt Magnet SmCo

    High Performance Customized Samarium Cobalt Magnet SmCo

    is also known as samarium cobalt magnet, samarium cobalt permanent magnet, samarium cobalt permanent magnet, rare earth cobalt permanent magnet, etc. It is a magnetic material made of samarium, cobalt and other metal rare earth materials through proportioning, melting into alloys, crushing, pressing and sintering. Up to 350 ℃, the negative temperature is not limited, when the working temperature is above 180 ℃, its temperature stability and chemical stability are higher than NdFeB permanent magnet materials.
    One of the rare earth permanent magnets, there are mainly two components: SmCo5 and Sm2Co17.Large magnetic energy product, reliable coercivity and high temperature resistance. It is the second generation of rare earth products.
    Samarium cobalt magnet (SmCo) has stronger anti-corrosion, rust-proof and high-temperature resistance than NdFeB magnets. SmCo magnets are modified by alloying, which will completely change the world’s rail transit mode.
    It has strong corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance; so it is widely used in aerospace, defense and military industry, microwave devices, communications, medical equipment, instruments, meters, various magnetic transmission devices, sensors, magnetic processors, motors, magnetic cranes Wait.